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    What video game gave you the most hype/excitement this gen so far?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 April 2016

    mgs 5 guaranteed, depth, playablity,design, its like a Picasso. splatoon was a welcome change to the shooter genre. still need to get xenoblade x ...

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    pokeken tournaments online quality

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2016

    is poken tournament online any good, or is it unplayable like SMASH? i mean lags so much that u feel like throwing ur wii pad to see if it will stop...

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    Miitomo reached 1 Million users on Smartphones

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 March 2016

    u have 1 million Nintendo fans signing up, lets see if they can expand the user base!!!...

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    wiuu usb storage issues!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 March 2016

    using a 100g memory stick for my wiiu as a usb storage device.  just turned it on and my mario maker file doesn't load all the other files work!!! i call nintendo and they tell me that i have to use a powered usb hard drive. i go to my local computer store and they tell me they are archaic and all u should need is a regular drive which plugs in with a usb cable anybody else have...

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    Best Wii U launch title

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 March 2016

    batman and nba, batman because best use of the gamepad still til this day. nba 2k best sports game ever...

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    Rumour: Star Fox Zero Facing Development Niggles, Another Delay Could Happen

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 February 2016

    I was reading that although it took some getting used to, the motion controls were the best controls. I believe this was from Nintendolife....

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    MGSV at 6 million Shipped - Konami Profits Rise

    in Sales Discussion on 30 January 2016

    one of my favorite games eva!! but its kind of weird how its so sold so heavily on ps4 compared to the other systems ...

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    Image & Form Hails SteamWorld Heist as "an Even Bigger Success Than SteamWorld Dig"

    in Sales Discussion on 27 January 2016

    I loved steam world dig, just wished it was longer. plan on getting steam world heist...

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    Cleveland Cavs Urges Blatt to return coach of the month award after firing him.

    in Sports Discussion on 23 January 2016


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    What is VGChartz's opinion on Super Mario Sunshine?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 November 2015

    really great, so hard yet so satisfying, 2nd favorite compared to galaxy 2, should fix a few camera issues on re release...

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    Videos games SHOULD NOT be difficult... (It hurts the Video Game)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 November 2015

    u are an @@@@@@! I don't feel like spending 80 bucks on a game that I can finish in a day or a week or that matter!! suck it up and just stop playing them. if u can't handle it then stop playing them...

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    Star Fox Zero looks better now

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 November 2015

    it looks marginally better, but they better have online multiplayer. I want next gen gameplay instead of marginally better graphics. it looks like it plays like a gamecube game. give me squad combat, ability to change vehicles on the fly, so sort squad strategy like sending specialists in first or attacking from a different position ...

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    Star Fox Zero looks better now

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 November 2015

    it doesnt matter if it looks better if they ant to sell any copies, online dogfights better be included. it looks marginally better but not so much better to make me buy it....

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    Lack of Voice chat made me stop playing Splatoon....

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 November 2015

    I was pissed off, they should have allowed it with friends. its too team oriented, which could get really nasty with strangers...

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    Tantalus Port = Could it be Twilight Princess HD?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 October 2015

    no it was supposed to be a xbox ps port. not a game designed by Nintendo. I think the project is dead. its been too long and should have been announced a long time ago....

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    MGSV is one of the best games I've ever played.

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 October 2015

    it is the only gripe I have is going back later to do missions. the game is hard enough as it is, then u manage to beat the level and because u don't have the proper equipment u have to go back again to play more missions. i still love it and ive played almost all the mgs games. the gameplay is masterful....

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    Best Metal Gear game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 September 2015

    mgs 5 is one of the greatest games of all time. just the scope and hours is epic. the ai is something I've never seen before and attention to detail cant be ignored. I loved twin snakes on the cube. nice and simple and a good place to start. mgs 2 was good but playing raiden wasn't the same. that blasted chopper gave me fits. snake eater was great til the final boss and the control had issues....

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    should i get mgs 5 first edtion?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2015

    thanx, the u rocks. just picked it up for ps3...

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    should i get mgs 5 first edtion?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2015

    im kind of confused what they mean by first edition? i mean im playing splatoon and watchdogs right now. so im not desperate to play it. i would like to know if u think if they're gonna come out with dlc, more features and if theres gonna be more complte editions. or maybe if the first edition has stuff that the others won't have? wo kojima whats going to happen? your thoughts... thanx...

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    Interesting Take on the Memory Card Slot for NX

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 September 2015

    i could see this working, the cartridge is basically the system. if u wanted to make a ps5 game u could. if nintendo offers the tools to developers to enhance the game wo any constraints this could be gold. if u want it u can do it. if u dont then ur not commited to making a game that costs so much. easily upgradeable if a ps5 comes out they just upgrade the 3rd party games they want instead of...

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