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    First World problems vs. third world problems

    in Politics Discussion on 26 July 2014

    the kfc near me doesn't deliver :(...

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    Question to Wii U only owners..would you buy Destiny if it was released for the system?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 July 2014

    nah not my cup of tea, i only use my wii u for for first party titles...

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    Wii u friends

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 July 2014

    Bruxel here...

    Write 31

    NONE of my friends own an 8th Gen System.

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 July 2014

    same here, people are starting to care alot less...

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    Do you know how to play Videogames? Seriously do you M******?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 July 2014

    bouncing off the walls at such high speeds, lol seems legit...

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    will ganondorf make the cut? or wario?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 July 2014

    McDonaldsGuy said:They need to redo Ganondorf and make him not a Captain Falcon clone. yea so true. how many more characters you think they will introduce?    i still wanted to see King K Rool enter the fight but i doubt this will happen...

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    will ganondorf make the cut? or wario?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 July 2014

    i really hope he does, was not overally popular in brawl but i found him to my best with his massive power. with so many characters added do you think they will make it? i sure hope so...

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    Is the PS4 Pulling a Wii??

    in Sony Discussion on 12 July 2014

    it was the hype that set the ps4 sales so strong a new console with great graphics and interesting games to come, now that the console is out and lacks games and graphics still very much behind pc its sales will drop over time. It will sell good no doubt but its not the true next gen gaming hardware that changes the gaming industry as we know it. Wont reach ps2 sales....

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    What is success for wii u?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 July 2014

    to profit...

    Write 44

    [Prediction] Destiny will go down as the best-selling traditional console game ever (UPDATE: I was way off, never mind)

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 July 2014

    gotta be honest here, from what i seen it looks pretty generic. I could see the entire franchise sell about 7 mil though...

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    Global Hardware Chart - 05 July 2014

    in Sales Discussion on 12 July 2014

    wow 3ds destroyed ps4. ...

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    Mario Kart series now over 100 million unites sold on vgchartz

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 July 2014

    well worth the sales, mario kart is amazing!...

    Write 451

    Can we agree that PS4 graphics are in another level!

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 July 2014

    gonna have to disagree. still very much lacking behind pc...

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    Which is your favourite Open-World Sandbox game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 July 2014

    Star Wars Galaxies GTA IV Skyrim...

    Write 9

    the magic of steam summer sale... huge savings!

    in PC Discussion on 29 June 2014

    I got these.....Space EngineersFezState of decayTropica 4Reus OctodadObivionOrion dino hordeM&B warbandTerrariathe guild 2all for $53.89 when all would of normally cost me  $169.89 What did you all save?...

    Write 40

    No toddlers or pools in Sims 4: worst Sims base game incoming?

    in PC Discussion on 27 June 2014

    thanks EA...

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    USA SW / WW Hardware - week ending 14th June

    in Latest Charts on 23 June 2014

    ps4 de throned. Doing good Wii U keep it up!...

    Write 17

    Watch Dogs Hidden Graphics and Console Parity

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 June 2014

    superchunk said:Some of you are ignoring the point and making excuses. The code was there and it works with little effort. There is no reason to turn off features that would make a better experience for the user when they were already complete. They need to patch the PC version with this stuff on and part of the settings mapping. I agree, but the problem is you will have console...

    Write 17

    Watch Dogs Hidden Graphics and Console Parity

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 June 2014

    Boogie brings up some great points. Is next gen consoles (ps4,Xone) holding true next gen gaming graphics back? I have seen the watch dogs on ps4 and the graphics look very much last gen. Feels like pc users are getting shafted and graphic quality has to be stunted for the weaker consoles to play catch up.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY13MHHd988 ...

    Write 59

    So, I am playing WATCH_DOGS on PS4.

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2014

    those are the graphics on ps4? Looks like a last generation game...

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