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I know I haven't been here long, and have never posted on this subject, but these reviews are like vindication for me. I have been telling folks (friends locally mostly) for well over a year now that Galaxies is going to be regarded as one of the best games of all time. Hands down... bar none.... for me this is Game of the Year (Should of been last year).

This year's E3 videos, and the reviews of those who have played it, actually have me believing it might actually be better than even I had ever considered possible. Specifically I am absolutely floored by the reviews of the games graphics.

And furthermore I have a daring prediction, that will seem "unpossible" (lol). I believe that this is the first game with a chance to give Super Mario Bros a run for the title. Thats right, I think that if the Wii can maintain its sales dominance and the public reaction is even 80% of the review posted here, Super Mario Galaxy could very well be poised to take a stab at the holy grail of video game sales numbers (obv it was a pack-in but still). This is a tall order indeed, and probably a prediction I won't be around to be bashed about if I get it wrong (or brag if I luck out and get it right). To achieve this it is going to need some pretty gaudy attach rate numbers, numbers I am not entirely convinced are possible these days, but I still think it has the best chance of any game of the last 5 years.

At the very least I do believe this game will re-solidify Mario as the Gold Standard in Console gaming and continue his Iconic Legacy well into the future.

PS - For those who don't know how outlandish this prediction is, Super Mario Bros. (released in 1985) is the best selling video game ever by nearly time and a half over its nearest rival which was also a pack in game by the name of Tetris. Mario Bros. sales tally finished at an astounding 40,230,000 units, with Tetris coming in at a distant 30 million.

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