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mr.elite said:


How is he being a fanboy? His numbers really arent that exagerated and its the truth, other systems fanboys would LOVE it if these games failed, thats what makes them fanboys in the first place in a way. You lose.

So you really believe LBP is going to be a multi million seller? No offense, but LBP isn't exactly a game many PS3 owners would "get" into. I'd say a million at the very most.

And FF XIII is going to sell 10 million? I can't believe you guys actually believe it'll outsell FF VII. FF VII was marketed like HELL. It appeared in both gaming and non-gaming magazines, soda, etc. I highly doubt FF XIII is gonna get as much marketing. Also, PS1 SW sells much better than PS3 SW and the PS1 was already evry popular before FF VII came out. The PS3 isn't close to being as popular as the PS1. 10 million is...well...false hope.