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Skeeuk said:
Snake612 said:

The top 5 exclusives for the ps3 that will sell are the following:

5) Little Big Planet - multi multi million seller looks like a terrific game and mabey the goty - only fanboys want this to fail.

4) Socom Confrontation - could possibly reach a million, i hope for a psn and bluray release, huge multiplayer potential, only fanboys want this game to fail.

3) Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII - FF13 will sell 10 million lifetime and versus will also sell multi million, only fanboys want FF13 to have low sales.

2) Resistance 2 ( amazing multiplayer mode (60 players online!) - multi million seller and possibly one of the greatest games of 2008, i expect huge sales, only fanboys want resistance 2 to fail.

1) God Of War III - no brainer really this will be a huge system seller and will go on to sell multi million copies of the game, only fanboys want this game to fail.




you forgot to mention the fanboys wanting them to fail... lol