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Well benkanobi has no idea what he is talking about. The top sellers on ps3 "cod4, gta4, mgs4 etc..." all said it was EASY to write for the ps3 so plz pull your head out of your azz  thank u....

However the 360/ps3 more then likely will have a diablo 3 for them, hell almost anything a comp can run those 2 systems can run and dont forget how greedy companys are so activision will do WHAT EVER they can to get it on the 2 consoles... it will tripple there profits so its basically a no brainer...

The 3 systems however will not share online play because to get the ps3/360/comp to talk to each other correctly would be hard enough and then there would be the tremendous strain on the servers with 3 different languages wich Iam pretty sure would lead to lag.

So ps3/360 diablo 3 = 90% chance yes

pc/360/ps3 all playing online together = 90% chance no


Just as a side not I will be getting it on the PC and not the ps3, we all know it will be best on pc anyways.

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Other Prediction: The PS3 will overtake the 360 XMAS of 09  "9-21-08"