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See I understand that, but there's a few problems with doing it the way the PS3 does it. First of all As I said. I've downloaded it to 2 PS3s. :) I didnt complete the download on the 2nd one. But still I started it. Sony's downloadable network has already been hacked. And you can download quite a few of the pay games for the PS3 off the internet. (dont pm me asking me how. I dont do it, and I dont plan on doing it... search the web) If nintendo un-links the VC games from the Wii#... or allows shops to change the machine's Wii number... There's gonna be thousands of Wii's with the same Wii#... all with every VC game. (nintendo wont provide them service but the VC games linked to that number will work) Nintendo has the perfect system for people not stealing the VC games. The problem is. It royally screws the customer. I think it is a smart move by nintendo. I think it is a crappy move for the customer. I'm not gonna buy more VC games because of this until they announce the VC games are NOT linked to the Wii code.

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