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Kwaad said: diamuerto said: Kwaad said: 2. Send the Wii back to nintendo, and wait 2 weeks for it to come back, and pray to god you still have access to your content. And pay some ungodly ammount to have it fixed. Pay some ungodly amount to have it fixed!! Where did you get that from. I don't think if your system broke for a freakish reason you have to pay for it. My ds had a cracked hinge, that's it. You know what they did? They sent me a brand new one for free. I didn't even pay shipping and handling. Your right this is an issue, but I don't think something like you describe will happen. $400 in VC games, that's ridiculous. I think the only way that would happen would be over a long period of time, by which this issue will be solved already. Your overthinking it. It's almost like your trying to find faults on purpose....... Your DS was under warrenty tho. the Wii has a 90 day warrenty. My warrenty is up in like a week. I'm gonna be stuck paying nintendo to fix it... if I wanna keep my VC games. EDIT: It's not broke... not yet at least. lol
90 day warranty? It has a 15 month Warranty... I had nintendo even repair my SNES OUT of warranty way back when and they did it for free... Nintendo C.S. is damn good... Also I find myself wondering why you link you VC account to your "My Nintendo" account.. Isn't there a way they could keep track of your purchases independent from your wii's internal memory? I mean if they do that, you may not get your spare points back but you'd get your games probably..