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Pedro said:
Celb said:
leo-j said:
Celb said:
Its fake i have seen it before.

You have seen this image before?

That small one in the dark roon, i think its from PS2 killzone concept art or game movie scene. Or atlest its very similar to a old pic. Maybe they are messing with people.


I've heard that it's just a poster on the wall in the original Killzone game, as you can see in the top picture here:





Uhmm that picture you posted is obviously a photoshop. the tape over the poster overlaps with what would of been visible in the original screenshot there is no parallax distortion that one would expect from a 2-D image on a 3d surface at an angle and the wall texture is bland. the gun is also blurier in that picture. I hope you posted that as a joke.