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SHMUPGurus said:
By the time this comes out for the Wii and PS3-only users, Guitar Hero: World Tour will have shit on everything Rock Band 2 has to offer! o_o

Still, I'm looking forward to this one, hoping there's a new guitar peripheral that doesn't feel like it's sliding in my hands all the time (you know, make it with the same material as GH?) or better Hammer-ons and Pull-offs (it seems I'm always off by a milli-second compared to GH3...lag calibrated too).


the hammer ons and pull offs are different in guitar hero than rockband on the hammer ons and pull offs in guitar hero you can hold the note in before the note scrolls down the screen but in rockband just like in guitar hero 1 and 2 you have to hold the button as soon as it crosses not before

I was really looking forward to rockband 2 but now i might get guitar hero 4 instead