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gorgepir said:
windbane said:
gorgepir said:
Strange that you are looking forward to motion sensing and last generation graphics so much. Really strange. Having motion sensing and GOW? I thought you were against motion sensing and "previous generation graphics". I guess you are probably just being hypocrites.
I said it was my opinion. I don't think a company should think of the past. They should put all their support on PS3. You are entitled to your opinion (which in my opinion is definitely fanboyish), but to think that the PS2 will compete with the Wii? Really absurd. Maybe a better thing to say was if PS2 gets Wiimotes then it could compete with the PS3.
@ theshoe23 : WTF? do you really think like a 15 year old or are you really 15? Why would it hurt?

Hate to break it to you, but the PS2 already competes with the Wii. Many games on the Wii are ports from the PS2.

The PS2 is selling half of Wii in the US and is small in Japan.



Do you think you can get away with such a thing on a video game tracking website?

Just because the DS is outselling the PSP does not mean they don't compete, right?

The PS2 is competing with the Wii for budget-minded gamers.

The hype from the Wii would be dampened quite a bit with this move.