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slimeattack said:
Squilliam said:
I hope the Wii passes the PS2 just so the PS3 can look that much more impressive when it sails past the Wii. Its no fun if Sony has it easy for three generations in a row!

Lifetime predictions Xbox360 - 25million Wii 140 million PS3 200million and growing. I expect the PS3 to last 15 years!

No matter how I dislike it, I would expect the Xbox 360 to sell more than 25 million. If the PS3 turned the situation around, they could get first place, but I wouldn't expect it to sell 200 million.


Haha, yea. Leo J accuses me of relentless attacks on the PS3 so I decided to be a Sony fanboy for a while. Life as a fanboy isn't complete without random stupid and unjustifiable comments.