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As everyone knows the Virtual Console is widely popular, and is selling millions of games on the download. However one thing I would like to point out, and I noticed this when I first downloaded my first VC game. I noticed a funny thing in the EULA. (that thing none of you read)

Article 7: Downloading of Games from the Wii Shop Channel. On the Wii Shop Channel we offer a number of video games for download. By completing the order procedure you acquire a limited licence to play the selected video game. Please note that you may only play the downloaded game on the Wii console on which it was first downloaded; it is not possible to transfer the game to another Wii console. Upon ordering a certain video game, the number of Wii Points required to download that game will be charged to your Wii Shop Channel Account. Once you have completed the order procedure for a video game, you cannot cancel that transaction.
So in 90 days when your Wii blows up. You loose EVERYTHING you had. Unless you ship it back to nintendo to get it fixed. EG: You buy 400$ worth of VC games. Your Wii smokes after 6 months for some freakish reason. You have 2 choices. 1. Buy a new Wii, and then re-buy the VC games you wanna play. 2. Send the Wii back to nintendo, and wait 2 weeks for it to come back, and pray to god you still have access to your content. And pay some ungodly ammount to have it fixed. Am I the only person who has noticed that? Sony's downloadable content is linked to your PSN name. I tested it the other day. I started a download of flOw onto a 2nd PS3 yesterday. I canceled the download immediately after it started. That means if my PS3 smokes. I can download it on my new one. The VC games are linked to the Wii. Not you. EDIT: If you think I'm full of it. http://wii.nintendo.de/82.html

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