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MontanaHatchet said:
sc94597 said:
The wii seems to be expanding the market more. Most of the ps2 were for it being a cheap dvd player. Also so will the wii. It will help new developers that are small such as high voltage break the shovleware streak, and various wiiware developers. This is because development costs are so low. So while your points are valid for the ps2, I believe they are even more so for the wii.


Nintendo fanboys always make excuses when other systems sell well. Isn't it possible that it was just an amazing system with a great library of games? And by saying "most," you're implying that the majority of people bought the PS2 as a cheap DVD player. Are you really suggesting that 60 million or more people worldwide bought the PS2 for a DVD player and nothing else?

Hell, I don't know pricing history, but I'm sure that by the time the PS2 was in large enough stock for people to buy it just to use it as a DVD player, normal players were probably cheaper.

Poor excuse. A great system sold well. People weren't buying replacements, nor DVD players.

Gaming systems sell because of price, library of games, and most importantly BRANDNAME.  What's hot and what everyone else is getting.  Word of mouth.  What'ever goes best for you.

More than likely, the majority of PS2 buyers weren't buying it because it had " a great library of games" but because it's what their friends had, what was mainstream, and what everyone was talking about.  People give way to much credit on why things sell because of gimmicks such as a random feature or a certain game.  The fact of the matter ladies and gentlemen, is that the main drive to sales of any product is it's brandname and the appeal of that brand.  When both sides that you described here Montana, your side and the Nintendo fanboys, come to understand this then you'll see why the Wii is selling well despite lack of games or why the PS2 sold so well despite all the features some of the other systems had. 

Great systems don't sell well.  Bad systems don't sell well.  Great brands sell well.  The other stuff just helps add on.