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MTZehvor said:
# Username Record/PDT vs. Record/PDT Username # HFA
6 MTZehvor   vs.   RolStoppable 1 11
3 sethnintendo   vs.   Level1Death 2 3

Since I'm picking against Rol this week, the usual plan of my opponent and I sending our picks to him obviously won't work, so we're going to need to find someone else to send our predictions to. If you're willing to hold onto our predictions until Sunday, let me know. Also, since this website's PM system has been wonky for me recently for some reason, it'd be great if you can provide some alternate way to contact you just in case PM sucks again.

Given that there's only two people who need to make predictions, I'm going to forego the usual google forms and just say: PM your picks to me. I doubt anyone has any trouble remembering the matchups, but just in case: Packers @ 49ers, Titans @ Chiefs.

I suggest that @PAOerfulone should take care of it. As a 49ers fan he's going to care about this week's games and he's been actively posting in this thread, so adding a little extra to what he would have been doing anyway should be a breeze. He only needs to send a direct PM response to confirm that a PM with predictions got through and was received, and then during or after the 49ers game post the predictions in this thread.

As for the HFA rule in the prediction league playoffs, the championship games used to have an additional /2 to the equation because the number of NFL playoff games drops from 4 to 2. That would mean 6 points for me and 2 for Level1Death, because decimal results are rounded up.

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