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shikamaru317 said:
Barozi said:
idk $300 sounds pretty cheap for a brand new console. $400 is definitely too much but I think it's going to be $350. Hope I'm wrong though.
I think we were quite wrong about MS pricing before (One S All Digital comes to my mind)...

If PS5 is 10 tflop as rumored, and Sony aims for $400 since they won't want to price match MS at $500 if they have the weaker console, I feel like $350 would be too much for Lockhart. Who would buy a 4 tflop console with no disc drive for $350 when you could buy a 10 tflop console with a disc drive for just $50 more? Only way $350 for Lockhart happens imo is if PS5 is $450 (possible) or $500 (unlikely with the rumored specs imo), or if MS decides to bump the GPU on Lockhart up to maybe 6 or 7 tflop based on that the feedback from developers that 4 tflop isn't enough that we've been hearing about. 

Also, we shouldn't forget that the leakers are all saying that Lockhart is designed as a replacement for XB1 S All-Digital, which is selling for $150 right now, while Anaconda is a replacement for XB1 X ($350 right right now). Makes sense for the successors to cost about $150 more than what they're replacing imo.

I agree with this line of thinking.  I do not believe we will get any pricing information until late next year but I highly doubt that Lockhart at 4TF will come in at 350 bones if the PS5 is at 10Tf coming in hot at 400.  I am sure MS and Sony will not show their hands to early as pricing will make a huge difference when these consoles release.  

I believe MS has more wiggle room on Lockhart if they want to be aggressive either on price or performance depending on how they want to compete.  It should be interesting if they either bump up the specs or keep the specs and be aggressive on price.

I know as a parent, I can easily seem myself going 300 bones for Lockhart for my son for next gen as its an easy buy compared to 500 bones for myself to get Anaconda.