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Imaginedvl said:
Barozi said:
The day is starting great for Xbox, even though I didn't have any doubts about FF7 Remake timed exclusivity and me not caring about MLB at all (However, I visited the Yankee Stadium once. That must count for something.).

Hum, where did you see that? I mean I'm really looking forward for this remake but was expecting to have to buy on PlayStation Four instead of Xbox, is this official somewhere? If so, I would be happy :)

Just a few posts above mine. It doesn't outright say Xbox but come on what other platform is it going to release? PC, sure but Xbox is getting every FF game nowadays and other former PS exclusives like Crash and Spyro 6 months or a year later. I don't have any doubts about it.
100% Scarlett, ~50% Xbox One. Not sure if they bother with it as X1S is pretty outdated, might as well skip it.