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d21lewis said:

Listened to the video while I walked my dog just now.

I do that as well. Feels very time efficient.

d21lewis said:

Yeah, I don't think I'll be playing this one. I'm one of those who was wowed by the original game and how it changed my concept of what a game could be. Unfortunately, by the time I got my hands on Shenmue 2 (in 2007), that excitement was gone. It's okay for fans who say "It's more of the same but that's exactly what I wanted!" but it sucks for those of us who wanted some advancement.

The great series throughout history have evolved with time.

That's something I've been thinking about recently. Some times you can feel burned out on a series even if the sequels take notable steps forward.

For example, I was recommended to play Uncharted 1 &2. I thought Uncharted 1 was alright... An average game. Didn't hate it. Didn't love it.
My friend told me the 2nd one was a lot better, so I played it as well. And I was blown away by how much it improved on things. 
Things that were ok in 1 were now good in 2. And things that were terrible in 1 (like the sixaxis balancing) were removed.
I thought it was a fantastic game, and one of my most memorable gaming experiences.

In spite of that, I had no interest in playing Uncharted 3. Even not knowing what advancements they made with that one, I felt like I had my fill of Uncharted.

So the situation Shenmue 3 is in is interesting to me. Because on top of people possibly already getting burned out on the series in general, it also sounds like it barely attempted to take any steps forward. And that can contribute to the former, where people are not as enamored with 20-year old gameplay, as they were back when it was new.

Makes me wonder how I'd feel about a potential Suikoden 6, or Shadow Hearts 4.
Maybe I'd just be happy that they were made, but I may enjoy them a lot less than I used to.