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Trumpstyle said:
We now have Jason Schreier, FLUTE leak, Microsoft E3 video, The verge saying Anaconda is above 10TF, a verified insider saying both PS5 and Xbox anaconda is above 10TF. Add 3 people who have contacts with game developers (Kleegamfan, Colin Mccarthy, Andrew Reiner) saying PS5 is above Anaconda, what conclusion can we draw?

That the discussion if PS5 or Anaconda is below 10TF is over, the people who thought below 10TF are defeated. The next battle is whether next-gen consoles are using TSMC N7P or 7nm+.

I'm on 7nm+, who's with me?

A man can dream, i still hope for 7nm+ as well but there is another choice which is 7nm EUV is not as good 7nm+ but is better then 7nm for sure.