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Soundwave said:
KLAMarine said:
Expecting it to do well but the everyday man will blast it. I don't really blame them...

I expect "nerds" will be the ones with issues, "everyday man" doesn't give that much of a shit about the movies they watch. "Everyday Man" thinks Transformers movies are pretty good and Star Wars films with maybe the exception of Attack of the Clones are comfortably above that threshold. 

But people that go see Transformers expect it mostly to be just a lot of show with bad plot and they just want to enjoy the rollercoaster,that is a different audience.

Now naturally you got those kind of people that go see Star Wars too but that franchise always enveloped more than just the looks so ofcourse it will get critique on a grander scale and more nitpicking.

Why do those "nerds" suddenly like the Mandalorian on Disney + you think?