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Runa216 said:
Rafie said:
Damn I'm almost a year late seeing this. I read every single post. I gotta say, "WOW..!" I never imagined so many are against circumcision. Holy smokes!

Why would anyone be for it? It's the mutilation of a sexual organ based off religious beliefs or laziness/ignorance. You can teach a kid to peel his foreskin back and clean it, you can also give your kid the ability to chose for themselves if they prefer to be circumcized later in life. You can't teach them to grow it back and are taking that option away if you do it for them before they're old enough to make an educated decision based on personal desires and experience.

Is there a chance that phimosis could happen or an infection could develop or they could be unsanitary? Of course there is. There always is. there's also a chance I'll trip and fall in traffic and get ran over, it doesn't mean I shouldn't go outside to get groceries or take my dog for a walk. However, the small chance of an issue arising later in life doesn't even begin to compare to the negative that is taking that choice away from your kid. 

Likewise, is there a chance your kid will grow up to be glad they're circumcized? Sure, lots of people are conditioned to like what they are used to. The reality is that, in the end, you're taking that choice away either way. If you do that, then they can't decide for themselves; if you leave it, it can always be done later. However, it's a point of no return. 

And considering how important people hold sex and sexuality in this world, I'm shocked that this isn't even more contested than it already is. I'm glad it's banned in Germany, now I hope it'll be banned in the rest of the civilized world, too. 

You've been the most vocal about this. I get your stance. I'm not contesting anything. However, I also understand those with opposing opinions to this. I myself am circumcised. I didn't have a choice in the matter, but I'm also not angry about it either. It seems common here in the states. I never asked my mother why she had that done. Then again, she was 15 when she had me. I'm 37 now.

Anyway, I've learned quite a few things reading through post like yours. Mostly educational (albeit a bit aggressive or passionate...depending on how you view it). I appreciate the run down.

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