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DonFerrari said:
Hiku said:

I don't want to speculate about why there aren't enough dev kits.
But if MS want to really compete with PS5, I don't think obsessing over having the power advantage should be a big priority.

If any system has a power advantage this time around, I don't think it will be nearly as big a deal as it was with PS4 and XBO.
Because what made all those headlines wasn't just that PS4 was stronger. It was because the XBO versions often didn't reach industry standards of 1080p. That's why those articles and comparisons stood out. If both versions were 1080/60f, but the PS4 version looked slightly better, people wouldn't care as much.

And I don't think Scarlett or PS5 will have similar issues.

Not sure if the world changed by now, but on gen 7 there were plenty of comparison of PS3 and X360 games even when the difference was minute.

I'm not referring to the number of comparisons, but how people reacted to them. There may be even more comparisons than ever next generation, even if the difference is smaller than ever, because companies like Digital Foundry do it for a living.

It's one thing to have to look for a specific moment in a 15 minute video, as opposed to being able to copy/paste headlines like "Xbox One version runs at 720p". Because of that, it was meme-able low hanging fruit for console wars.

If you have to find a specific tree in a game, it's like having to explain a joke. It loses impact.
But this situation made it easier for people to be loud and obnoxious.

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