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JRPGfan said:
OTBWY said:
So Schreier has talked with every 3rd party studio now. Ok.

Seriously though, there is nothing wrong with secrecy. Xbox division is being careful now because of the last launch and they are right to do so. That's the only way to be one step ahead of Sony. Also, the Scarlett will launch with Halo Infinite, that alone will be a big advantage, hot or not.

Thats BS.... DonFerrari explains why below.

DonFerrari said:

Actually the secrecy on last launch made it worse for them.

If the rumors of the always online and TV TV TV were more spreed and received more backlash MS could have changed the policies and focus before anything was public so they wouldn't have been hit so hard.


If anything secrecy also hurts early game adaption from newer titles, esp from the indie + smaller scene stuff (aa studios), who wont have time to optimise and code for a scarlet dev kit, because their just forgotten/left out in the dark.

If currently few AAA studios have them, and the rest of those guys talking to Jason Schreier are complaining,
its gonna be worse for the small guys out there.

This could lead to another "tv,tv,tv,halo,tv,sports,tv,gears,sports,tv" type situation.

I have a feeling that the PS is going to be, yet again, the home for indies, as MS courts AAA devs to help push GamePass/xCloud.  AAA devs are definitely going to be getting the priority for devkits since MS is running behind schedule.