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The Witcher 3 by far.

Various VR games (Almost 40 out of the 100+ I've bought) mainly RE7 VR, Astrobot, Blasters of the Universe, Wipeout VR, Beat Saber... and the usual ones touted as mind blowing.

Heavy Rain for being the first in it's genre that I played and it left a lasting impression because of the time in my life i played it.

Minecraft in that sweet spot in 2011 with white listed servers based on creative skill, full of college going folk like myself, it was a great few months until they started letting kids in.

GTA5 of course which was the only game I completed in like a 4 year period and one that nearly got me expelled from a course for dropping a full week.

Horizon Zero dawn for it's visuals alone when it released and photo mode.

Bloodborne, first in it's genre i actually beat and appreciated.

Divinity Original Sin.

Dust an Elysian tale for getting me back into metroid vania and being made by mostly one man.

FF14 online, like 2,500 hours with maybe 2000 of them not AFK. Yeah, it had an impact alright.

RDR 2, the excitement it brought and an experience I got that was vastly different than I imagened but one i was not let down by in the slightest.

Sekiro for bringing me to levels of frustration I hadn't felt since I was a child and destroying my pride in reserving that frustration physically.

And I have to say Death Stranding, for being the most oddly addictive game I've played since Minecraft. The only game to get me fully invested in a second playthrough post platinum. It's beyond brilliant.

Mostly The Witcher 3 though, it is the game that got me back into gaming after years of the odd one here and there, my first platinum and one of the best stories and games I've ever played. There are a few other games that come to mind but nothing worth noting as the ones above.

Oh and Destiny for making me aware of hype based marketing and to never trust marketing again and the breaking point with games journos after a lifetime of gaming magazines even when i wasn't a gamer. 140 hours and but only because of money issues at the time, depression and it's cheap gameplay hook.

Just realized this was a points based thread after visiting agqin but it probably needs a 10 point system anyway for me to participate. No way I can whittle them down to 5 games. 

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