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freebs2 said:
- Mario Odyssey 2020 (Q4)
- Zelda Breath 2 (Q3)
- Bayonetta 3 (Q2)
- Animal Crossing (Q1)

Add a smaller title and a couple yet to be announced 3rd party ports.

This would be amazing. I feel like getting a new 2D Mario is more likely than getting a second 3D Mario. If BotW2 doesn't come out next year they better have something big timed for the release of the next gen of consoles.

I'd like to see this for my dream 2020:


Bayonetta 3

BotW 2

new 2D Mario (a refresh, do away with New SMB series)

Metroid Prime Trilogy HD

Wind Waker HD (maybe a WW, SS HD double pack?)

now that 3DS is dead - a couple new games from a handheld franchise like Advance Wars, Golden Sun, Warioware, brain training, or something like that

another 3rd party game with Nintendo IP would be awesome

a Switch Sports party budget title in the vein of Wii Sports

a Mario sports game, like Strikers

another fitness title to follow up Ring Fit Adventure

1 or 2 new titles from long standing franchises franchises we're waiting around for like Pikmin, Star Fox, Fzero, paper mario, etc

one new Nintendo IP

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