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shikamaru317 said:
Ryuu96 said:
- Engine is from Asobo.
- No casual mode.
- Around 200 people working on it, 120 from Asobo, around 20-30 from Microsoft and a few smaller teams.
- Currently at pre technical alpha stage of development.


I do hope that they add some kind of casual mode for the console release. I mean they pretty much have to, right? There are far too many controls in simulator mode for it to be playable on an Xbox controller, and while Xbox does support mouse and keyboard, I can't see them having an Xbox game that requires a mouse and keyboard to play. Having an option for simplistic controller based flight controls like Ace Combat, as well as a simulator option on mouse and keyboard, would be ideal for the console version. 

Yeah I do agree with that having a mode just to chill and fly around would be a good addition and it also goes with the accessibility that MS have been pushing the past couple of years. I quite like everything about Elite Dangerous but docking your ship is like fighting the final boss in any JRPG whilst been massively under-leveled hah, It became more of an annoyance with the pure sim element of the games rather than just been a basic start/end of your journey.

I know those on hardcore sim side of things will hate the idea of an accessible mode but it really does open it up to way more players and the development focus will still always be on the sim side of things and wouldn't take away from those who love that.