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KiigelHeart said:
DeusXmachina said:
I hope there is no stealth segments in Gears 6. Gears is not built for stealth and it shows.

No stealth, open world or player choices please. Trying to fix what isn't broken by just throwing half-baked ideas mechanics from other games into the mix is awful. Don't get the hype for Gears 5 story either thb.. Stuff about origins of Locust was something we already knew but they just had to tie it to Kait. Meh.

But it literally does legwork in explaining stuff the OG trilogy ignored.  Saying they "just tie it to Kait" too easily disregards how solid the structure/pacing are integrated into the world around you.  There's a moderate wealth of details Kait's uncovered here that echo back on Sera's two previous worldwide conflicts: UIR v. COG and COG v. Locust.  

EDIT:  This is where I make the "it's no Great Shakes" qualifier, of course. :P

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