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Azzanation said:
SvennoJ said:
I was still interested in buying an X when MS was hinting at WMR support for it. That never happened, and I've lost interest in XBox completely. Thanks to gamepass I don't have to miss the few games I'm interested in and the money saved from staying a dual console owner instead of all 3, goes to VR.

I have bought way more VR games than 'flat' games since PSVR came out. I do still play more without VR but that's because I'm addicted to sport mode in Gran Turismo and online doesn't support VR. In between I play Beat Saber and currently Borderlands 2 VR.

You know GamePass will cost you more in the end right? A rental service where if subbed for the whole year will cost you $120, where owning a game will cost you $60 (depending where you are from)

$120 x 5 years = $600. Thats the price of a console. Now if you continue paying after 5 years, that will continue to add up to the point it will just be cheaper buying the console and said games you are interested in.

Thats the point of GamePass, like a phone plan, its made to look cheap on the surface however it will catch up to you in the end.

So far I paid $1 to play FH4, Gears 4 and Crackdown. When there is more I can always get it for another month. You can simply make a new account and get it for a dollar again. I have no intention to subscribe for longer than it takes to play one of the exclusives