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ironmanDX said:
JRPGfan said:

Theres currently 3 VR headsets in the top50 on amazon, this black friday.
While theres no Xbox in the top50 list.

Theres a growing demand for it (VR), and its only gonna get better as the technology advances.

That's potentially a bad sign. How many are there normally throughout the year in the top 50?

If people are only willing to pay as little as possible, on one day of the year to get one... That's not great. As the tech advances, so will cost.

look at how much 60" tv's cost today vs 20 years ago.
Costs are like 1/10th, while at the same time your getting a vastly better tv today than then.

Usually as tech developes it gets cheaper, same with mass production.
The reason its so expensive is because they dont make enough, and sales arnt there for it.

That can easily change with time.
Sony has the right idea, by keeping the unit simple and cheap.

While these guys chaseing the ultimate VR experiance makeing units that cost 1500$-2000$, are only doing so for profits, while probably not really doing much of anything to appeal to the mass market. If VR takes off and goes big, it ll be from the bottom up, imo, since so many want to try it, but see the cost of entry as too much.