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Well Zelda breath of the wild looks excellent even today, with 900p and stable 30 fps being a launch title. Mario Odissey looks gorgeous too, but now both have been topped by Luigi's Mansion 3, damn it looks really good. Then you have Astral chain, the jaw dropping Port of the Witcher 3, the cute remake of Link's Awakening, smash ultimate at 1080p and stable 60 fps with all the action, Bayonetta 2 looks amazing even when it wasn't designed for switch hardware, dragon quest xi looks amazing in both 3d and 2d modes, the good old Skyrim, the excellent Port of db fighterz, and the list goes on.

I'm having high expectations for Bayonetta 3 and breath of the wild 2, I think those 2 will end up being the best looking games on the switch at the end of it's lifespan, maybe Metroid prime 4 as well. We'll see!