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Mr Puggsly said:

I think consumers prefer 60 fps even if they don't really understand it. To them it probably just feels more fast and fun, which feels more crucial in certain genres.

For story driven experiences that are essentially emulating a movie, that can aim for 30 fps. I mean MS is already having it both ways by sometimes making gameplay 60 fps and cutscenes highly detailed at 30 fps.

Even on base consoles games are looking better than ever, developers keep raising the bar. Therefore nextgen hardware should be able to achieve 60 fps while pushing graphics even further.

Yeah I don't doubt MS studios will have the technical expertise to do wonders with graphics while maintaining good fps.

I just feel like the jump won't be big enough to look THAT much different to what we have to differentiate from Xbox One X. If we're talking about 4k being the new standard and 60fps being the target. I mean most casual gamers just buy Xbox/Playstations for COD, FIFA/NFL and GTA/RDR. With new games to entice them. These new games ship consoles.