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Mr Puggsly said:
Technarchy said:
Scarlett needs to be able to run every single Xbox One X game at a rock solid 4K and 60fps. There can't be a drop of dynamic resolution or frame drops.

If Scarlett can't do that it will be underpowered out the gate. Nothing about an X1X game should be taxing on Scarlett.

I think its gonna take a massive GPU and CPU boost to make something like RDR2 4K/60 fps. Sometimes people forget doubling the frame rate is a huge drain on the GPU and CPU. The X1X only does 4K/30 fps (with dips) and it still averages $349-$399.

Gears 5 is well optimized and already built with 60 fps in mind. DF said its dynamic between 1584p-2160p, something like that could become 4K/60 fps more easily on Scarlett. I suppose Halo Infinite will also be 4K/60 fps.

My expectations aren't that high for Scarlett. I don't expect it to trounce X1X like you suggest because that sounds very expensive.

If Scarlett cant run the X1X version of the RDR2 at 60fps, I would regard that as concerning. I’m not talking about adding more particles or effects, just as it is and uncappping the frame rate. If not that would mean out the gate that Scarlett is under powered and is going to require a mid gen refresh even faster than the X1 did. 

In context, I can almost guarantee PS5 will be capable of running Horizon at 60fps in full 4K with HDR.

Last edited by Technarchy - on 03 December 2019