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Mr Puggsly said:
ironmanDX said:
When it come to single player story driven games, I'd take 4k30 with other settings bumped up. Even a 1440 with all the "bells and whistles" over 60fps.

If I'm playing a racing sim or multiplayer online though, give me the 60 any day. Even if that costs 4k and it goes down to 1440. More options in games next generation is going to happen. It's been a noticeable trend for the X an Pro and I do expect it to continue into next gen.

I feel like this topic has been done to death. I actually got deja-vu while typing out this comment.

But given the option, I think I would always choose 1440p/60 fps. 1440p is already a sharp presentation. At that point 60 fps will have more impact on gameplay than 4K.

Instead I think visually demanding games are gonna be more like 1440p-1800p/30 fps. Which is fairly common on premium consoles right now. Not just because of CPU limitations, but 60 fps is also taxing on GPU.

Even for story driven games if the 60 meant a sacrifice to other effects though?

"Instead I think visually demanding games are gonna be more like 1440p-1800p/30 fps."

I'd be more than happy with this. I'd even go down to 1080 for 60fps on incredibly demanding multiplayer games. 60 is more of a concern for me than resolution for multiplayer. I'm just really hoping on devs giving us more options next generation when it comes to letting us decide on how to play.

Just a few basic option "sliders". I feel like I'm asking too much but am optimistic anyway.