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zorg1000 said:
curl-6 said:

Was the 3DS as front-heavy in Japan as it was worldwide in terms of sales?

Even more

Japan (Media Create)


2012-5.50m (+28%)

2013-4.88m (-11%)

2014-3.18m (-35%)

2015-2.35m (-26%)

2016-1.98m (-16%)

2017-1.66m (-16%)

2018-0.54m (-68%)

First 3 years-60% of total

Global (Vgchartz)


2012-14.11m (+6%)

2013-14.37m (+2%)

2014-9.74m (-32%)

2015-7.33m (-25%)

2016-7.59m (+3%)

2017-6.63m (-13%)

2018-3.50m (-48%)

First 3 years-55% of total

Alrighty, so while it may look like a curbstomp for 3DS at this stage, Switch has a shot at catching up in the long run.