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CrazyGamer2017 said:
Immersiveunreality said:
Buuuut it is not static as it is in constant movement and also at our time scale,we ourselves and anything in this Milky Way is moving extremely fast around the Black hole in the center,thank the hole! :pYou do not need to see it for it to exist.

Well since we are far away from the big black hole at the center of our galaxy, we are not actually moving very fast as its attraction is weak over here.

But stars orbiting close to the hole move much faster, true!

However I do not know if they move fast enough to be visible with the naked eye (should we be close enough to see such a show). What I do know is we are too far to see it with our naked eyes, on top of all the galactic dust making it totally impossible to see it with our naked eyes and as if that was not enough, the black hole has this damning flaw: it is BLACK and therefore impossible to see with your eyes even without the galactic dust masking it.

So black holes are even stupider than the universe considering they DO SOMETHING but hide it from view, what's the point of doing something spectacular if you are going to hide? The universe does nothing but at least it does not try to hide. In conclusion I dislike black holes even more than I do the universe. The black hole at the center of the Milky Way is lucky to be so far away so he can't hear me but I would totally tell it to its face, how stupid it is to do stuff and hide it at the same time. He'll definitely NEVER have a "thank you" from me!

We and the stars surrounding us move at a rate of 828 000 km/hr,the thing is that you see everything very much from your own perspective but i'm liking your fun posts.

Second bolded: lol, black hole in distance tearing up rn :(

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