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I've missed like 12 days, so here comes another mass drop (there are a fair few commonly praised games in here, so I'll only give a spiel about those I don't think'll be on many lists if any at all)

#41: Bayonetta (Wii U/NS) (+13 yoy)

#40: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) (no change)

#39: SSX Tricky (GC) (-1 yoy)

#38: Final Fantasy X (NS) (new this year)

#37: Pokemon Crystal (GBC) (-5 yoy)

#36: The Sims: Bustin' Out (GBA) (+11 yoy)

In bringing The Sims to the GBA, Maxis of course had to make some compromises with the simulation aspect that had made the PC original such a success. However, in cutting large parts of the sandbox gameplay (namely the building aspect) and substituting a surprisingly strong story, lovable characters, a fantastic soundtrack and great minigames, they knocked it out of the park. I never hear the GBA version of Bustin' Out being spoken of anywhere, but it is a fantastic game, one that is easy to come back to years later, and one I happily recommend to all. It deserves to be played more.

#35: Pokemon Yellow (GB) (-6 yoy)

#34: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (GC) (-6 yoy)

#33: Into the Breach (NS) (+15 yoy)

#32: Dragon Quest (NES) (-10 yoy)

#31: Little Nightmares (NS) (new this year)

#30: Chibi-Robo! (GC) (-14 yoy)

Chibi-Robo was a fantastic blend of fun, adventure and absurdity that formed one of the Gamecube's best games. This was Skip in their prime, crafting a colourful world full of charming characters, with a compelling story (if you cared to pay attention to its details), and a stunning variety of gameplay that drew me in time and time again. The death with the terribly conceived, poorly executed mistake that was Zip-Lash is a tragedy. Releasing in the dying days of the GC's lifetime, Chibi never had a chance to shine. That more people don't know of this game is sad, there was so much potential here for sequels and an expanded world, but it never came to fruition.

#29: The Urbz: Sims in the City (GBA/DS) (+13 yoy)

A direct sequel to the abovementioned Bustin' Out, Urbz was greatly polished, and expanded upon the great style of the original, introducing a whole range of side activities (ranging from a card game, to Excitebike, to creating animals through gene splicing for pet shows). Urbz was a fantastic sequel, and despite launching alongside the DS, remained one of it's best games even as its incredibly strong library grew and grew over the following years.