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Historically speaking, the 3rd film in a Star Wars trilogy makes more money than the 2nd film, so in theory it should make more money than The Last Jedi. However, The Last Jedi was hated by a large portion of the fanbase, who subsequently boycotted Solo and caused it to be the first ever Star Wars movie to flop, and they could very well decide to skip The Rise of Skywalker as well. However, I think that Disney's decision to bring back Palpatine and the Dark Side Rey tease (which is likely a fake-out just to get people to see the movie), as well as the fact that The Mandalorian has restored alot of lost fans' faith in LucasFilm, will be enough for The Rise of Skywalker to beat The Last Jedi at the box office. By how much is anyone's guess, I don't think it'll win by much, it will be close.

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