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super_etecoon said:

Thursday, November 28th is Thanksgiving Day in the US, Canada, Japan, and Germany as well as a few others.  

I know there is some controversy regarding this holiday, as with all holidays, but I would love for all of us to take the time to celebrate the spirit of this day.  We all spend a lot of time wishing for this or complaining about that, but this day is a day of acceptance and appreciation. So what are you thankful for?  It could be gaming related, or hobby related, but it could also be something on a more personal level.  No thread is without its share of snarkiness, so I'm assuming we'll get a few of those responses as well. 

Hope you're all able to spend the day with your families and enjoy a warm, home cooked meal.  I'm only responsible for bringing rolls and stuffing, so that would be the first thing I could say I'm thankful for.

And you?

Nothing. I don't like mankind, I don't like earth, I don't even like the universe, I think it's stupid, it's just big and does nothing, at least nothing at our time scale. I didn't ask to be alive and I am not asking to eventually die so I really don't have to thank anyone for anything... Or anything for anyone!

But if you absolutely insist I say something positive, I could say I'm glad TV's and video games exist, I love video games and also some shows on Netflix. But should I thank the idiots that invented Netflix and video games? Hmmm I don't know, maybe I should... BUT I WOOOOOON'T !!!


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