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John2290 said:

I'm half way through and I want to fall asleep when I try to get back into it. There is a really solid film under there but good lord I wish Netflix published the Cinema edit. What were they thinking? I'm really enjoy parts of it but god damn I can't sit through another hour and 20 minutes of this.

Anyone else watching The Irishman on Netflix and do you hate this or like this? 

Can't really agree or disagree since I haven't seen it yet.

So all I can say is this: If you find it too long, it means you don't really like it. When I like something, a show or a movie, REALLY like it, it's actually always too short. I LOOOOVE Rick and Morty, well seasons feel too short, not enough episodes per season etc.

I LOOOOOVE The Lord of the Ring so naturally I have the extended cut Blurays, about 11hours long and I won't say it's too short but when I get to the end of it I'm like, oh, already the end?

On the other hand, I once watched some very boring and stupid movie whose name I can't remember and this movie lasted 1h20 only, pretty short you must think, well I thought I would never see the end of it, it was waaaaaay tooooo looooong.

I have made my point


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