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zorg1000 said:
colafitte said:

Technicality.......that's what this is.....

Let's wait and see if we get numbers for HW this year on BF, and if they say the same things but with selling numbers this time. Until then...., i'll make an strategic retreat.

I'm not sure what that will prove?

Sales could certainly be up (I expect them to be) but it's for reasons like having a cheaper sku available and a new Pokemon generation releasing and a growing list of appealing evergreen software, not because of declining PS4/XBO sales.

Its correlation vs causation, you are looking at two things happening at once and assuming they are directly related.

Such denial...., my god!

It will prove the article is saying Switch sold more because PS4+XBO are going down, because that's what the article is saying even if you're doing everything possible to deny that.

I don't even agree with the article!!! My point was the complete opposite. This article is saying (or implying if you prefer) Switch sold more because it benefited of PS4/XBO doing bad not because of Switch's rising but only because they're old.

My point of view was that Switch has been a phenomenon since end of last year and it has obliterated all competition in USA the last 12-15 months and that the PS4/XBO drop is higher than it was meant to be because Switch has performed better than expected, affecting even more PS4/XBO in their decline. 

They're saying indirectly the same thing as me (that all consoles do indeed affect each other), but in a complete different direction, which i found ironic. That's why i laughed about it when i posted the link.

But ok, you are not going to agree with me, i get it. It was a funny argument while it lasted. Let's leave it that way.

Good day Sir! .