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colafitte said:
zorg1000 said:

I'm not being nitpicky, they used the word for a reason, if they knew it was up YoY than they wouldnt have said potential.

All they know is that Switch won and PS4/XBO interest is declining do to age and upcoming successors.

Technicality.......that's what this is.....

Let's wait and see if we get numbers for HW this year on BF, and if they say the same things but with selling numbers this time. Until then...., i'll make an strategic retreat.

I'm not sure what that will prove?

Sales could certainly be up (I expect them to be) but it's for reasons like having a cheaper sku available and a new Pokemon generation releasing and a growing list of appealing evergreen software, not because of declining PS4/XBO sales.

Its correlation vs causation, you are looking at two things happening at once and assuming they are directly related.

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