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DonFerrari said:
Man you are just wrong.
PS4 had its best year when Switch released. The sales curve and peak of PS4 are very much what was expected.
Each market have a slight different sales curve and peak point.
It was expected that one point PS3+X360 would close the lead from PS4 and X1, because X1 started much stronger than X360 but after couple years it got a lot weaker and we had plenty of sure that Kinect would make X360 get ahead of X1 at one time (and as show to you it was more in USA).
Also Wii declined due to itself and Nintendo moving to WiiU SW development, had nothing to do with PS3, X360 or even Kinect.
You have been show the graphics, you are just being stubborn.

Fun note PS3 could have outsold X360 in USA if it didn't had Kinect,

But it did have kinect and didnt outsell it, coulda woulda shoulda. If the ps3 didnt sell like it did in japan, the xbox 360 woulda been ahead by several million in the end. Except it didnt. Theres always a coulda woulda shoulda.

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