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zorg1000 said:
z101 said:

Benji has only GameStop numbers, and such bundles always sell more on Gamestop than at mainstream retailers and Gamestop hardware sales numbers are rather irrelevant.

So I would not expect real big numbers for the bundle, to sell more than last few month is not not very remarkable in a holiday period. The sales of PS4 has been relatively low in 2019 anway.

Sales should still be pretty strong though, down from last year by a considerable margin but still good all things considered.

Going by the winning predictions on Resetera, it looks like PS4 sold ~550k from Aug-Oct and I have to assume BF week makes up at least 50% of Nov sales so if I had to guess I would say it sold ~1 million for Nov NPD give or take 10%.

My prediction for all 3




That would be quite strong for X1 considering how hard the year have been.

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