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Last chance for game #31:

#31 Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser: Armello

a) The king becomes consumed by the rot.

b) The tribes try to take control from the king and compete with each other.

c) This indie game is basically a tabletop game with cards and dice realized as a computer-game.

d) Play a character from the Wolf-clan, Rat-clan, Rabbit-clan or Bear-clan fighting for the throne.

#30 Guessed by S.Peelman: Resident Evil: Revelations


a) Giant monsters vs. giant aliens!

b) There are giant footprints at one path.

c) You play one kid in a group of kids.

d) The game is part of a series of small games from well-known japanese game designers.


a) "Хорошо! Я буду работать на тeбя, проклятый капиталист!"

b) "It have bomb! But it no problem."

c) Apparently mercenaries are a bunch of drama queens.

d) In this first game in the series you fight over the control of a small island because of the trees growing there.

#27 Guessed by S.Peelman: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

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