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You can say it some times more, as still more people are running than are out. We could bet, if the list of drop-outs is bigger or smaller than the list of runnign candidates, when Iowa comes and I have a strong feeling it might be bigger. Iowa itself though will be the end of a many campaigns.

I can see Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Gabbard, and Yang sticking it out until the end. And I guess Harris too but after super tuesday I doubt it.

Nah, Kamala is done. The people who will probably pus through to the end will be Bernie(momentum grassroots etc on his side, most loyal voter base), Biden (he'll fade after the first 2 states when SC doesn't save him that's my prediction), Warren(? I personally think she's done but can't exactly count her out yet), Pete (Depends on the media inflation of his actual polling but we'll see, I don't see him being out near the front tho), Gabbard (Unpredictable), Yang (Also Unpredictable).

But yea I think going into the convention we'll most likely see

Bernie (most delegates, possible nominee if he's able to hit the threshold before the convention to avoid a contested one, superdelegates already planned a coup against him so yea)

Biden (not sure where he'll stand. He might be 2nd, he might be 3rd he might even be 4th but I don't think he'll do as well as people think)

Warren (Since her appealing to both sides strat has been failing and she's pretty much got nothing left to stand on I don't know. I legit only see her fading more as people can't stand liars)

Pete (The Media Darling and I think he's the final one. They might go between him and Warren from time to time but he's never going to get the black vote. We've seen the scandals, we've seen the way he's spoken to us. 0% with black people. You're not winning ****. Only a threat in mostly white upper middle class communities tbh will also get the biggest L ever if he went up against trump)

Tulsi (I have literally no idea how this will play out, She'll definitely outperform the polls and I hope to god her + Bernie is 51% of the vote atleast)

Yang (Truly unpredictable. He's done a lot of questionable things such as lying about his support for m4a and falsely advertising that he supports it, is also considering (if he hasn't already) doing big money fundraisers and is even considering working with Biden. However, he voted for Bernie in 2016 so while I don't trust him maybe if he does go all the way to the convention he might pledge his delegates with Bernie, I have no clue on him at all)

But these will be the last 6 standing.

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