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zorg1000 said:
colafitte said:

They are. Look at the total numbers at the end for PS4 and Switch. It shows around 94M for PS4 and 32M for Switch at the end of 2018. Those were shipment numbers. 

The link says it takes numbers  "From the CESA report, sell-through data from 2012 to 2018 in many countries" but this doesn't mean all the numbers combined are sell-through. If the total amount of sales showed there put PS4 at 94M and Switch at 32M at the end of 2018 they're definitively shipment numbers.

I can totally guarantee you that PS4 did not "sel to consumersl" 900k in 2014 in Spain like it's showing that graph. Those has to be shipment numbers in case of being true.

Its sell through, USA is based on NPD, Japan based on Media Create/Famitsu and Europe based on Gfk while RotW are estimates which explains the slight discrepancies.

Those USA numbers are indeed NPD, but i'm telling you those spanish numbers are not sell-through i saw the same GfK data in Spain saying that, so i can't believe any of the other european markets that are probably using the same tracking system. And in the end, the same guy put the total of PS4 and Switch using shipment numbers, so there's something fishy in this data.

This article from Vandal, the very same page that give us updated numbers from software in Spain put this article.


It shows the numbers from 2015 through 2018 and they are what i posted earlier. Between 500-600k each year. And i have to remind you that PS4 had an excellent start during its first year too (ending 2014).

Then this other article citing Sony itself saying PS4 have sold 3'3M lifetime around mid-half 2019 since launch.


That graph you brought says PS4 had already sold 3'6M by the end of 2018. If Spanish numbers are wrong, i can't trust any of the other european numbers showed in there.

Edit: And besides, i think i remember now Zhuge saying in resetera that those numbers were  not completely accurate in Europe but they were close enough.

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