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Mnementh said:

Seems the crazy activity that lead to my games guessed practically the moment I posted the hints has slowed down a bit. So some more hints for the current batch of games:

#32 Guessed by Farsala: Final Fantasy X


a) The king becomes consumed by the rot.

b) The tribes try to take control from the king and compete with each other.

c) This indie game is basically a tabletop game with cards and dice realized as a computer-game.


a) The terrorist organization is back?

b) There are secrets behind the destruction of a mediterranean city the year before.

c) This games playable characters are the same two characters that were playable in the first entry of this franchise.


a) Giant monsters vs. giant aliens!

b) There are giant footprints at one path.

c) You play one kid in a group of kids.


a) "Хорошо! Я буду работать на тeбя, проклятый капиталист!"

b) "It have bomb! But it no problem."

c) Apparently mercenaries are a bunch of drama queens.

#27 Guessed by S.Peelman: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Is 29 Earthbound?