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First rounder on a guy who gets beaten easily on his route and then falls over, and a second on a guy who can't find the sticks on an easy 3rd down and can't hold the ball on 4th down.

Some Patriots fans/reports believe Tom is part of the problem and want to consider moving on. For the love of God please push him to another team, because this is painful to watch. Time to put the Patriots system to use on another QB.

In case anyone is interested and has 10mins to spare, a video from someone who as far as I'm aware is neutral on the topic and pretty well-informed:

Seems to be as fed up with this as I am, which gives me some comfort I guess.
I don't know what level Brady can even play at right now, or how long he may have left, but I'd at least like to see him in a semi-competent offense for what little time he may have left.