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RedKingXIII said:
S.Peelman said:
Wouldn't you want to try to get an original model Vita? The screen of the original is better. Though beyond that I'm not knowledgeable enough to know whether or not the Slim had changes that were actually improvements, like on form factor or something.

Anyway, good luck with your third attempt.

I got an original one this year and I'm starting to regret it, since I had the option to get an Slim. The Rear Touchpad is waaaaay too big, it's not confortable for me to hold it for long play sessions because of this. The screen is amazing though.

BraLoD said:

Sadly everything about it is so expensive.

The games are already rare too, at least around here, damn.

You're from Brazil, right? I got mine with an 8GB memory card, I'm trying to buy an 32GB one because the 64 ones they sell here costs twice the price I paid on mine. It's absurd, specially considering Vita's digital games on PSN are way cheaper here than the physical ones.

I heard the 64GB ones are very faulty, and the 32GB are not very reliable too.

I got a 16GB and a 4GB with my Vita (that's still to ship to me xD) and I hope that's enough.

The 64GB cards here would cost as much as a brand new PS Vita if they still sold it xP

To me that's a big problem, as I'm completely focused on physical games and even if I would accept getting the games digitally for it the amount of money spent on memory cards would be insane too haha.

I'll mostly use it for PS1 games (those I'm ok with being digital xD) and some indies crossplatforms I already have, but I really want some of those RPGs, specially the Disgaea games and Trillion, but I definitely need them to be physical xP