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CGI-Quality said:
Pemalite said:

To play devils advocate, Microsoft has more studios than Sony now... And a massive portion of which we haven't seen make an exclusive that really pushes the Xbox's hardware.

Actually, at last count, they were about even (around 15 each). This is particularly better for Sony [currently], given their 1st Party studios put out more hardware pushing content. 

Of course, I expect things to even back out some at the beginning of next gen, but I just wanted to clear up that little misconception. :P

Ah my mistake. Serves me right for not fact checking an articles claim.

Azzanation said:

Quality is a debatable topic, The games you picked above is more a preference thing. All those games are completely different to each other so apples to oranges. But if you want to compare quality than its best you put simular games togother. Better comparing same genre games like Halo 5 up with games like Killzone SF or Grand Turismo Sport up against Forza Motorsport 7 etc.

MS claimed most of there studios have 2 teams working on games, eg Rare is making Everwild while the other team focuses on Sea of Thieves etc.

Quality is very subjective. I would prefer a game like Uncharted over Sea of Thieves... But also prefer a game like Halo over the likes of Spiderman.

That doesn't mean Sea of Thieves or Spiderman are bad titles, it's just personal taste is coming into play.

Trumpstyle said:
So far everything indicates that both consoles will be over 10 Teraflops, with PS5 having a slight edge. If I would take a guess I think Xbox Scarlett will be 10,01 TF just because Microsoft probably assumed Sony was going for 7-8TF and they wanted the marketing number above 10. PS5 should be between 10,1-10,6TF.

Next-gen PS5 will go against Xbox Scarlett, Google stadia, Amazon cloud gaming, Xcloud and PC gaming but I expect PS5 will slaughter everything.

We have no idea how powerful next-gen consoles are going to be. That is the reality of it all.
We do know what technologies are going to be in next-gen consoles however as Sony and Microsoft is leveraging PC technology.

Leynos said:

PS4 is a bit more muddled. Base PS4 is better than base Xbox One but Pro is weaker than X. Maybe PS5 will best Scarlett.

Playstation 4 had a higher bandwidth memory interface and a vastly superior graphics processing unit.
Base Xbox One actually had lower-latency memory and a faster central processing unit.

In short, the graphics processor is what draws all the pretty pictures that helps sell videogames... Hence the visual discrepancies between platforms for the entire generation.

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